2013's 20 Top-Rated Online Universities Worldwide

2013's 20 Top-Rated Online Universities Worldwide


Interested in discovering who the present 20 top-rated online universities worldwide are?

Well, you need search no further. A respected digital distance higher learning expert has released his list of the cream of the online academic crop.

Below are listed the elite two-score online institutions of higher learning:

  1. University of London;
  2. University of South Africa;
  3. University of Southern Queensland;
  4. University of Phoenix;
  5. Jones International University;
  6. Golden Gate University;
  7. University of Maryland, College Park;
  8. Drexel University;
  9. Florida State University;
  10. Regent University;
  11. Griffith University;
  12. Stanford University;
  13. Indiana University;
  14. Charles Sturt University;
  15. Seton Hall University;
  16. Florida Tech Univsersity;
  17. University of Massachusetts;
  18. Cornell University;
  19. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill;
  20. University of Liverpool.

Our expert has compiled quite an impressive list. Now it's up to you to choose which is the right fit for you. 

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