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Business Administration

About Business Administration Students

As a business administration student, you’ll be expected to have an eye for detail, a knack for performing effectively in a collaborative environment, and a talent for quick, effective decision making. Upon completing your studies, you can expect to find ample employment opportunities in various service industries, government (federal, state, or local), finance, health care, science and technology, education, and manufacturing. A robust job market, to say the least!

In fact, employment opportunities, experts predict, will grow through 2012 at rate on par with the national average for all occupations.

Business Administration

  • Executive MBA Program at Rochester Institute of Technology Online

    A master's degree program in business administration prepares you for a wide range of positions in government, business and non-profit organizations. You will acquire fundamental as well as practical and professional skills in business, including decision-making and problem-solving skills, that will enable you to assume leadership positions within the private and public sectors.

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