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Computer Science

About Computer Science Students

Superb problem-solving skills are a must if you’re considering pursuing a degree in computer science. As a computer science student you’ll learn how to design and develop new hardware and software systems, and how to incorporate new technologies into various work environments.

Bear in mind, however, that specialties in this field change constantly as technology continues to develop, which means you should consider a career in this field only if you are flexible, adaptable, and willing to accommodate change. If you are, then your job outlook as a computer science degree holder remains highly favorable. Experts predict that job growth through 2012 in this field will greatly outpace the national average rate for all occupations.

Computer Science

  • Computer Science at Nova Southeastern University

    A master's degree program in computer science will allow you to master the latest skills in computer design and programming. With a master's degree in computer science you will be able to solve computing problems and develop solutions that will further your professional goals.

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