How do I apply to an online university?

Applying to an online university is a lot like applying to a traditional one - applicants are required to fill out a university application, submit SAT/ACT scores, resumes and possibly letters of recommendation. Because admissions criteria vary by online university, it is essential that prospective students research the exact admissions requirements for each university they are interesting in applying to.

Generally, online university applicants are required to submit their high school diplomas along with high school transcripts or GED certificate. More selective online universities will also require a submittal of applicants' SAT or ACT scores. For those who have not yet taken the SAT or ACT, they may sign up for the exams here: and

For foreign students applying to online universities, they may be required to submit their TOEFL scores, which display their command of English as a second language.

The most selective online universities may require submittal of letters of recommendation, essays, and samples of writing.

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