How can I save money on my online education?

Even though online educational institutions tend to be less expensive than traditional ones, intuition can still be considerably expensive. Although online universities do vary in their tuition rates, individuals should never compromise quality in order to save some money. Accordingly, individuals should avoid diploma mills no matter what.

Rather than choosing programs based on costs, prospective students should try to save money by purchasing used textbooks, borrowing supplies, and searching for grants as well as scholarships. Numerous scholarships and government grants exist for students who indicate a financial need on their FAFSA forms. If prospective students inquire about scholarships with online universities' financial aid departments, they will learn how to apply for scholarships.

Another major way to save money when attending online universities is to buy learning materials cheaply. For instance, students can find used textbooks online for half the price of retail.

For those who pay taxes, the U.S. government offers generous tax credits for individuals attending universities - up to thousands of dollars.

Other tips for online students who want to save even more money include:

  • Always use a student discount when purchasing computers, software, and/or textbooks. Online students can obtain a student card by contacting their university's student services office.
  • Purchase, or obtain for free, online versions of textbooks. This will save both time and money.
  • Ask about obtaining credit for past work experience or seminars attended. This will reduce the amount of credit hours needed to graduate.
  • School supplies and any software may be tax deductible, so individuals should check with their accountants and deduct the amounts accordingly.
  • Students can obtain better rates on their student loans by making consecutive on-time payments.

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